Therapy through Art is an evolution of emotions.

The canvas of the world continues to unfold for this wondering trailblazer, as Princess Kamariah takes to new horizons through her journey of limitless wonders.

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My solace is in art as through art I am able to express my emotions into words.

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The ability to fly like an eagle across the wondrous intricacies of the soul; to be able to climb up when one has fallen so deep in ones tears, to smile and boldly face the world — that is freedom; to be oneself against all odds.


The mystifying colours on the palette of ones soul, the sound of the rainbows in ones agile hands, the brightness of the sun that shine within the very depth of your heart.


Emotions are what you express from within you onto a blank piece of paper and turn it into something worth expressing.


Resilience is strength; the strength to fight against what is not the truth and to blatantly express your principles.

Built with passion, buy with confidence.

A momentary glance at one of these rich expressions often evoke powerful and deep set emotions, with imagery of love, or faraway places and kingdoms unknown, yet somehow hauntingly familiar.

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