Portrait Drawing of Tunku Kamariah

The Birth of A Brand

There is an immense arc of emotions connected in the Artists' creations that celebrate love, freedom and resilience, expressed through her work in the arts, fashion collection and home accessories. Like any great works of art, Tunku Kamariah's creations continue to inspire and bring us into our own magical universe: One that is full of adventure, of light and one we call home.

The Brand


The bold and unapologetic imagination of the Artist bursts forth with her signature whimsical style, and an eclectic mix of bright colors and bold pen strokes.

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A collection of placemats and napkins made with intricate linen from the Artists' hometown of Johor, her art has expanded into Home and Living to prepare your table for any stylish occasion.

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Power up your wardrobe essentials with statement jackets and crisp white collared shirts with a twist of the Artists' vibrant creations. Strong dynamic lines and silhouette in linen, cotton crepe, duchesse satin and with splashes of Swarovski crystals will be a sure conversation starter!

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I'm just a dreamer —


Love permeates every part of creation. The power of our rainbow colors within connect us to higher intuition and higher purpose.


Under the transformative power of joy and passion, the love affair with oneself and life empowers the cosmic woman and Goddess within.


Within the matrix of life, the divine feminine presence proportionate balance and harmony with different manifestations across the world's culture.


Uncover the depths of nature's hidden goodness and wisdom. True beauty leads us on a quest to explore the polarities of light radiating against the absence of itself.