Kamariah Mahmood Iskandar when she was a baby

Art & creativity is in my blood

Born and raised in Johor by an artistic mother and a creative father, it is undeniable that The Artist is a creative soul by blood.

The Story

Kamariah Mahmood Iskandar with Her Father

From hobby to passion

The Artist's imagination and passion threw her into the fantasy world where drawing became the focus, while creation; a way of life to self discovery.

Kamariah Mahmood Iskandar - Her Art Supplies

Free to express & be authentic

The Artist immersed herself in her world of fantasy far removed from reality where she can be free with no judgments and restrictions.

Kamariah Mahmood Iskandar - Looking Up

Pride in her craft

The canvas of the world continues to unfold for this wondering trailblazer, as The Artist takes to new horizons through her journey of limitless wonders.


My Thoughts —


The ability to fly like an eagle across the wondrous intricacies of the soul; to be able to climb up when one has fallen so deep in ones tears, to smile and boldly face the world — that is freedom; to be oneself against all odds.


The mystifying colours on the palette of ones soul, the sound of the rainbows in ones agile hands, the brightness of the sun that shine within the very depth of your heart.


Emotions are what you express from within you onto a blank piece of paper and turn it into something worth expressing.


Resilience is strength; the strength to fight against what is not the truth and to blatantly express your principle.